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Fortnite's next update is underway with a new grenade weapon

Published: 09:32, 24 April 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite's Clinger Grenade
Fortnite - Clinger Grenade Update 3.6

Epic Games have taken the servers offline for maintenance, but Fortnite's patch will be dropping today no matter what. Hopefully they won't be experiencing server issues like the last time. This update adds the Clinger Grenade and more.

Fortnite's patch version 3.6 is almost underway. The servers are offline at the time of writing and should be up within a few hours. This update will bring some more variety to the weapons spawn pool seeing as the Clinger Grenade is coming out along with many other fixes and quality of life changes, some of which have been promised already.

Essentially, the Clinger Grenade will be a throwable item found in the uncommon rarity in all the spawn pools which include floor loot, supply drops, llamas, and of course - treasure chests. The throwable weapon sticks to your enemies and deals 100 player damage or 200 structure damage after 2.5 seconds. It cannot explode in the air, so players don't need to worry about lobbing it too far and it going off without ever having reached the target.

Self-Service Cosmetic Returns has been added as a feature. In essence it is a simple refund option, which enables players to refund up to three cosmetic purchases they've made for V-Bucks in a lifetime. It is impossible to return V-Bucks for Battle Passes or any other types of microtransactions that aren't directly outfits, gliders, emotes or harvesting tool skins.

Minigun's accuracy was boosted by 10 per cent and and recoil reduced by 10 per cent. The rest of the changes are mainly quality of life fixes and some nerfs to features that were being abused. Additionally, players will find that short fences will no longer obstruct them from building on the same tiles. 

Epic Games Noble Launcher in Fortnite Save the World Fortnite - Save the World is getting the Noble Launcher

Supply Drop balloon health is being adjusted based on the game mode. If you're playing solo the balloon will have 500 health, duo will have 750 health and squad will have 1250 health. The has a lot of fixes for the Supply Drops along with audio-visual improvements that Epic Games have been planning for a while now.

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