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Fortnite: Battle Royale Mobile revenue spikes as Epic revokes invite-only

Published: 11:29, 06 April 2018
Epic Games
Fortnite character standing in a smartphone looking at a pile of money.
Fortnite Mobile made a pile of money for Epic Games

Fortnite's mobile port has been having great success since it's release and over $15 million have been spent on in-game cosmetics since the invite-only event kicked off. However, after Epic lifted the iron curtain the game's revenue spiked.

Fortnite: Battle Royale released on iOS a few weeks ago, and it has already amassed around $15 million from the in-game cosmetic store. Of course the account transfers over to the PC and console versions as well, but the recent spike in sales has been attributed to mobile users and the end of the invite-only event.

However, the game is still in beta, so it cannot be known as to how much it might flourish when it finally releases fully. The revenue spike has been observed and found to be caused by the end of Epic's invite-only event for Fortnite mobile. Since that, the game has earned around $1.8 million and counting. 

Sensor Tower Fortnite Mobile revenue chart Fortnite Mobile - Daily revenue climbs rapidly

Fortnite is part of the Battle Royale genre, but also a part of the co-op survival genre with it's Save the World game mode which will probably kick off the game's full release version once it goes free to play.

The battle royale game has had probably the most successful mobile release ever, states market intelligence firm Sensor Tower. This is a great feat considering the game is not even out for Android devices yet, but we can expect more slabs of money to be spent on the game once it does release.

Epic Games Hands holding a phone running Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version

The Internet is going wild over Fortnite. It is the most popular game on both YouTube and Twitch, with some users even claiming they watch other people playing the game more than they play it themselves. It can be marketed as an e-sport, but Epic might be on to something better with this reputation.

It has surpassed PUBG in every sense if we take into account the amounts of players moving over from PUBG to Fortnite, and it still grows into a behemoth of a game which will surely mark the period of battle royales in gaming for years to come.

Fortnite: Battle Royale iOS

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fortnite Battle Royale, iOS version
Fortnite has arrived to iOS devices.

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