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Football Manager 2021 Beta now live on the Epic Games Store and Steam

Published: 23:01, 10 November 2020
Football Manager 2021
Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021's Beta is now live. Pre-purchases will be available until November 24. Single-player careers from the beta can be carried over to the full game.

Calling all managers! Football Manager 2021's beta is now live on the Epic Games Store and Steam . Anyone who has pre-purchased FM21 from a SEGA-approved digital retailer can log-in to Epic Games or Steam and launch the game from their library, right now.

Those who are still thinking about pre-purchasing* the game can do so between now and the game’s full release on November 24 and still get access to the Beta. Pre-ordering will net the fans a 10 per cent discount.

*Pre-order at your own risk.

The pre-release Beta version of the game the players will get early access to is a near-complete (but not quite final) version of the game. With this in mind, be ready to encounter some bugs and issues during your early access manager tenure.

All glitches can be reported to the Sports Interactive team via the ‘Report Bug’ button on the in-game sidebar. 

The Beta has the online play enabled, but there will be no access to the Steam Workshop or either the pre-game or in-game editors until the game’s full release on November 24.

FM21 introduces a bunch of new features and notable improvements across a wide variety of areas of the game.

The new gameplay systems will grant the managers more control over their team’s success on and off the pitch, as well as an increased level of analysis and information. There will also be some additional resources at the managers' disposal.

In-game interactions with players and the media have been overhauled to create a more true-to-life experience and matchdays look and feel more thrilling with a host of graphical and presentation improvements as well as new pre-and post-match events. 

Additionally, managers will have more power over player recruitment and new ways to celebrate success at the end of the season.

Single-player careers started on the FM21 Beta can be carried over to the full game.

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