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Before We Leave is now out on Steam - attracting scores of players

Published: 09:01, 14 May 2021
Balancing Monkey Games
Before We Leave key art with logo
Before We Leave

Before We Leave is a non-violent, city-building sim that let its players take their Peeps from underworld-dwelling potato farmers to new heights of science and culture.

Before We Leave launched on Steam on May 13 and the indie, non-violent city building game already cleared the milestone of 1,283 concurrent players. The number of players is once again on the rise, according to Steam Database.

The cosy corner of the Universe in which Before We Leave takes place offers the players a chance to rediscover what was lost and nurture their civilization. This task is made all the more enjoyable when you realise there are no nosy neighbours who'll try and claim your resources for themselves.

Before We Leave - features

  • Build settlements for the newly emerged Peeps.
  • Discover and research the ancient technologies around you.
  • Manage resources, pollution and happiness to avoid the mistakes of your ancestors.
  • Trade between your settlements by sea and by space.
  • Explore six unique biomes on islands of all shapes and sizes.
  • Protect the Peeps from ancient beings that guard the galaxy.

Before We Leave is a city building game by Balancing Monkey Games

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Different planets have different stuff left behind on them by your ancestors

Before We Leave - story

Having spent generations underground, your Peeps have long yearned for nature and everything it offers. They have left their caves behind but have no idea how to plant or grow anything - except the humble potato.

The players will get to work immediately, build shelters, and discover ancient technologies that will help their people thrive and colonise other continents and planets. 

Before We Leave's only threat are the ancient, ancestral guardians who demand attention and challenge your settlements. If you're interested in the game's development process and whether your people will get tired of only eating potatoes, find your answers in our interview with  Sam Barham, the Chief Monkey at Balancing Monkey Games.

Before we leave is currently available on PC - via Steam (25 per cent off until May 20) and Epic Games.

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