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Football Manager 2021 overhauls interaction, recruitment and matchdays

Published: 06:52, 20 October 2020
Football Manager 2021 Recruitment screen
Football Manager 2021, Recruitment

Sega and Sports Interactive have revealed the headline features coming with Football Manager 2021, like overhauled interaction, matchday, recruitment and end of season features.

Communication with players and the media has been expanded to use gestures, which guarantees that the points you're trying to get across to players and journalists alike are as nuanced as possible. 

"Also new for FM21 are Quick Chats which give managers the chance to have short, informal conversations around a variety of topics that don’t require a full meeting. These can take place in person with players at your club or remotely with players out on loan, opposition managers and journalists."

FM 2021's matchday features have quite a few novelties as well, with selection changes and tactical tweaks both getting some love. The new pre-match tactical meeting will brief managers on all they need to know before they proceed to the redesigned match UI. 

Broadcast-style elements, jib cranes and steadie cams will ensure FM 2021 players get a big match atmosphere every time, further reinforced with improved lighting and more natural-looking animations. 

Recruitment is made much simpler with the new Recruitment Meetings, where managers will have a clearer overview of short-term goals and long-term plans for the squad. You'll also be able to approach agents, in order to gauge the interest of a player to join your club. 

SEGA Football Manager 2021 promo image Football Manager 2021

Last but not least are the End of Season features, and the improvements have been made both in the visual and functional departments. On-pitch celebrations and trophy presentations will be more varied, and there's a brand new season report for stats lovers. Which all FM players are, but more on that later. 

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