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Sports Interactive release Football Manager 2019 demo on Steam

Published: 14:24, 05 November 2018
Screenshot from Football Manager 2019's tactics screen
Football Manager 2019

Sports Interactive and Sega have silently rolled out Football Manager 2019's demo, which is now available on Steam, allowing players who are still undecided on whether to buy the game to try it out for themselves for half a season.

So if you've always deemed yourself better than Sir Alex, Mourinho or the rest of the usual suspects, and I'm sure you have, now is probably the best time to get into Football Manager. While the franchise has always been pretty difficult to get into, FM19 is more user-friendly than any of its predecessors.

One of the reasons why I know this is the Football Manager 2019 , which showed ample praises sung of Sports Interactive's latest showing. The other reason is that I'm currently trying to get Hemel Hempstead to its rightful place as the best club anywhere, ever and if you do not agree with that assertion then I feel sorry for you.

If you're keen on taking it out for a spin, you can head over to the game's Steam page and look for the download PC demo button, which is a bit unobtrusively placed to the right of the green download DLC button. As we said, you get half of a regular football season in England and should you choose to purchase the game later on, Football Manager 2019 lets you carry over your demo saves too.

All in all, Sports Interactive really seem to have nailed the marriage of the old and the new in the latest instalment of the timeless sim. Perhaps doubly so when it comes to players, since they won't have to endlessly scour various forums and whatnot to figure out the best way to come up with tactics. The game now tells you almost all you need to know, with an extensive set of tutorials and tips.

Sports Interactive Picture of the new box art for Football Manager 2019 Football Manager 2019

Being addicted to the series for the longest time, I think it's fair to warn you that this is one of those you don't let go of. That being said, you can find Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2019 Steam page .


Football Manager 2019 by Sports Interactive and Sega

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