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Football Manager 2019 review roundup, SI finally hit the spot

Published: 11:42, 30 October 2018
A physical copy of Football Manager 2019
Football Manager 2019

If you've ever dabbled in football management sims, then there's no need to introduce the Football Manager series. Sports Interactive have been diligently rolling out new versions annually and it seems that FM19 is their best one yet.

Eurogamer thinks that FM19 has made great strides in terms of intuitiveness of tactics and their implementation, to the point of catering to footballing experts and novice gamers, be it in terminology or actual footballing part. In fact, they claim that when it comes to tactics alone, "Football Manager is the best it's ever been in 2019". 

PCGamesN claim that even though Sports Interactive have been guilty of launching nothing but glorified roster updates and adding +1 to the name, FM19 is their best launch version of the game so far. They loved the overhauling of pretty much every component of the game, rating it with a /10 in the process.

The sentiment is echoed by PCGamer, who also loved what Sports Interactive did with the new tutorial and the tactical styles system, "which makes replicating real-world formations easier than previous series instalments". Coincidentally or not, they started off with a story of an important penalty, which PCGamesN claims are grossly over-done in this year's version. Nevertheless, PCGamer gave it a /100.

GamesRadar complimented the FM19 team for striking a perfect balance between a newb-friendly game and one for seasoned veterans, tempered by decades of lower league management. They didn't really notice the penalties but they claim that SI overdid the percentage of goals from crosses.

They found press conferences to be "still terrible" but overall, they think SI managed to create the ultimate FM, "one you can dip into for the next half-decade without needing to buy any future editions, save for downloading updated squads." Score? /10.

Sega Screenshot from Football Manager 2019's tactics screen Football Manager 2019

The likes of , and all think the same, calling it the best Football Manager release thus far, so Sports Interactive are obviously on the right track here. Steam reviews agree as well as FM19's reviews are at the time of writing.

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