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Rainbow Six Siege reveals Alibi from Operation Para Bellum

Published: 15:20, 18 May 2018
Splash art for Alibi, the Italian operator from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege Alibi

Ubisoft have unveiled Alibi, the female Italian operator from Operation Para Bellum, or as we like to call it, Operation Leak Fest. There is no word on Maestro yet, but it is expected that he will be revealed in following days, before June.

Alibi was confirmed as a defender by Ubisoft, and the trailer sort of shows her gadget at work. She is seen standing next to two of her decoys and once an unseen assailant shoots one of the decoys, she turns around and fires her own, leaked, MX4 Storm. 

The official page claims that picking Alibi will be a battle of wits with your opponents, where the defender will constantly be trying to force the attackers' hands, presumably with the usage of her hologram decoys. According to Ubisoft, the inspiration for the character came from the undercover infiltration specialists in the Italian Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit.

Alibi's biography was revealed as well. Her real name is Aria de Luca and she was born in Tripoli, Libya. Her family moved to Italy when she was three years old and she had access to many firearms as she was growing up since her father managed a small ordnance manufacturer. She learned a lot about Italian firearms through her father's business and on the shooting range which resulted in Aria winning gold in two divisions in the European Championships. She was recruited by the Carabinieri shortly after that.

The operative's shooting skills propelled her through the ranks and she caught attention of Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, earning a spot on the special ops team and subsequently joined Gruppo Intervento Speciale (G.I.S). A mission in Afghanistan went sideways, she was separated from her unit but still completed the job. This feat prompted G.I.S. to utilise Alibi in more undercover work, she infiltrated the Vinciguerra crime family, spent several years with them and then brought the organisation down from the inside.

Operation Para Bellum will also bring a new map, named Villa, that will apparently provide players different combat situations to adapt to. You can take a sneak peek in the video above.

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