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Final Fantasy XIV reiterates once again - no third party tools allowed

Published: 11:56, 10 May 2022
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV player numbers are higher than ever
Final Fantasy XIV player numbers are higher than ever

Square Enix kept receiving questions about the usage of third party tools in FFXIV so they once again talked about their stance on the matter as well as the definition of these tools.

Final Fantasy XIV is immensely popular but players are always looking to improve their experience and this sometimes involves using third-party tools, which are not necessarily cheats. Still, Square Enix won't tolerate any of them, as per the latest blog post.

Naoki Yoshida released a lengthy statement to let the players know how far they can go without getting banned and the first order of business was to tell everyone once again that third-party tools are not allowed. Using them will result in account suspensions or permanent bans in case of repeat offenders.

That said, Square Enix will not just suspend players willy nilly and they explained the process involves four key parts of the investigations before action is taken.

For you, the player, this means you are not allowed to:

  • Use tools that allow easier content completion
  • Modify the UI to display additional information
  • Use packet spoofing tools
  • Perform any actions or public statements that promote third-party tool usage

In essence, this means it's pretty easy to figure out if a third-party tool is allowed. Simply asking yourself the question of whether a tool benefits your progress in any way is enough and the answer is yes, the tool will get you banned.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIV

Yoshida also noted that the devs are aware that usage of third-party tools that improve HUD is a statement that the one available in the game can be inadequate. As such, the devs will work on bringing out HUD improvements but this is a long-term project and won't be available soon.

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