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Final Fantasy XIV is back on sale but demo is still absent

Published: 14:02, 26 January 2022
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix are recovering from the sweet pains with Final Fantasy XIV as the game is on sale again but there are some caveats.

When Final Fantasy XIV launched in its miserable state, no one could predict it would one day face so many players that Square Enix would have to temporarily remove the game from sale, in order to avoid servers crumbling under their combined weight. And yet, that's exactly what happened as 2021 was giving way to 2022.

The FFXIV outage lasted for over a month but it appears to have concluded on January 25, 2022. Square Enix's MMO is now once again available for purchase on PC as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

However, it looks like the devs are not comfortable with rolling everything back to the way it was before the influx of players since the free trial is still disabled. It's almost certain this feature is still out because the servers are still near or at capacity so having additional players trying it out could very well put more stress than the game can handle.

The aforementioned influx of players happened following the exodus of World of Warcraft players who quickly found new MMOs after Shadowlands dropped the ball so hard it made a hole in the floor. 

Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is up for sale too

That said, it would be outright rude not to consider and give credit to the drastic measures FFXIV went through in the past in order to get fixed and become the MMO giant it is today.

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