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FIFA 19 tops UK sales charts, despite underperforming heavily

Published: 17:03, 01 October 2018
Neymar doing a rabona kick in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 sales are reportedly 25 per cent lower than those of FIFA 18 during the debut week but the massive drop didn't necessarily ruin EA's revenue for the title as the numbers only include physical copies and it still topped UK charts.

FIFA 19 may be considered a flop when compared to the last year's entry, but it still outperformed Spider-Man that managed to keep all the hype and buzz for the past few weeks. Then again, there is no knowing if the total amount of sold copies is lower thant FIFA 18's, as there is no data regarding digital sales.

According to , the largest amount of copies were sold for PlayStation 4, with a staggering 64 per cent market share, while Xbox One scored about 35 per cent sales. Nintendo Switch version sold only about one per cent, while the legacy consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sold so few copies that they "were negligible".

Another new entry in this week's top 10 sold games was Valkyria Chronicles IV, which didn't fare as well, since it ended up on #9 spot, bellow NBA 2K19 and above Minecraft: Xbox Edition. Considering the latter is obviously an Xbox One exclusive, the sales aren't that flattering.

Back on the topic of FIFA sales, there is evidently a large FIFA following in PlayStation community, so it is quite possible the reason why it outperformed PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game. That alone speaks volumes and is a quite convincing argument that EA didn't really lose much, if anything, when compared to FIFA sales last year.

EA Sports Christiano Ronaldo cover art for FIFA 19, which will be changed soon FIFA 19

On top of that, it is a widely known fact that the most revenue from FIFA titles is not actually accrued from sales but rather from microtransactions and loot boxes in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. This recurring revenue kept to 1$ billion for years, but it remains to be seen whether the fight against loot boxes will spread to more countries in near future, which could severely impede EA's wallet conquest.


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