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EA will not be changing up FIFA 20 monetisation methods

Published: 17:08, 02 August 2019
EA Sports
Juventus' player kicking a ball in FIFA 19

EA have held a FIFA 20 press event where they had to endure plenty of questions regarding microtransactions in the upcoming instalment of the popular football simulation. Nevertheless, EA were pretty clear that they won't budge further.

Back when Belgium issued their ultimatum that indirectly threatened EA with , the company started disclosing the odds on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs, which they thought was sufficient and claimed was entirely .

Unfortunately for them, they still had to comply with Belgian laws but when asked whether government pressure may result in other changes, FUT lead producer Garreth Reeder said this is not the case in FIFA 20.

EA is well aware of what's been going on though, what with being in the UK recently and having to invent a new name for loot boxes - surprise mechanic.

"We see it, we're obviously aware. I think like the rest of the industry, we're just keeping an eye on where that goes but, currently, we've got good feedback from players, there's no changes, or no planned changes in FUT coming", he said.

As reported by Eurogamer, members of the press asked whether there are plans to limit spending in FIFA 20, given the recent outburst of reports of minors on FIFA 19, but once again, the answer was "no".

Same goes for age limits, which EA reminded was a job for platform owners, so EA's responsibility in this case solely falls on Origin.

EA confirmed that there are no plans to include female teams, and even though they thought about it, FIFA 20 will not feature any. Apparently, they ran into challenges with some of FUT's core systems, club affiliation, chemistry, etc.

EA Neymar doing a rabona kick in FIFA 19 FIFA 19

Also discussed was the fact that FIFA franchise's instalments do not carry-over into their successors, but this isn't going to change either, as EA claim players are regularly excited to start fresh. 

If you're interested in more game-centric FIFA 20 news, you can check out the recent gameplay trailer detailing the new on and .

You can find the full report on .

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