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Virgin Media tweet at EA Sports offering help with their server issues

Published: 13:35, 02 March 2020
Updated: 18:06, 02 March 2020
EA Sports
Roberto Firmino performing his new goal celebration in FIFA 20
Roberto Firmino celebrating a goal in FIFA 20

EA Sports online servers have been experiencing numerous issues over the last couple of days, rendering players unable to take part in any of the online modes in FIFA. The magnitude of the connectivity problems even led to Virgin Media offer their help to EA via Twitter.

FIFA is without a doubt one of the biggest - if not the biggest - sports games on the market. The EA Sports football mammoth is famous for its dynamic style of gameplay and numerous game modes, the most popular of which is FIFA Ultimate Team.

Of course, since FUT is an online game mode, decent internet speeds are essential to experiencing this mode without any lag issues. But sometimes, even great internet speeds are still not enough to ensure a smooth online experience in FIFA, as the game's connection issues have been known to lie elsewhere - and sadly, the last couple of days have been the prime example of this.

Namely, over the last weekend, one of EA's official Twitter profiles called FIFA Direct Communication were forced to put out a number of tweets where they kept their fans posted on all their efforts to fix the connectivity issues which were happening way too many times for comfort.

Naturally, fans were absolutely livid with everything that was happening at the time, especially given the fact that all the problems started happening on a weekend, which is when most Ultimate Team players tend to get their game on in the FUT Weekend League.

One of the things that caused an absolute stir in the game's community is the fact that certain FIFA Pro players were forced to play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and thus decide the winner as they couldn't invite each other to a match in a licensed EA qualifier, all due to the servers being down.

While most of the issues have now been ironed out and fixed, the woes of EA Sports and their weekend-to-forget are still far from being forgotten as one of the biggest ISPs in the UK, Virgin Media, have publicly offered their help to EA via Twitter.

EA FIFA 20 screenshot showing virgil van dijk FIFA 20

Tagging multiple EA Sports accounts in their tweet , Virgin Media have asked for EA to get in touch with them via direct message to discuss the issues affecting some of FIFA's game modes. The sheer fact that one of the most popular internet providers around decided to publicly address the publisher and their connection problems speaks volumes about the abysmal state that the EA servers seem to be in.

Hopefully though, all the attention this online drama has received over the last couple of days will cause EA to vastly improve their online services and present their players with a truly complete package with the next iteration of FIFA, if not sooner.

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