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FIFA 20's Career Mode getting dynamic press conferences

Published: 16:39, 07 August 2019

EA have posted a deep dive into FIFA 20's Career Mode, where they unveiled the new dynamic press conferences, also new player morale system, manager customisation, dynamic player potential, spot fixes, balancing changes and a bunch more.

Apparently, the dev team has been pretty busy with FIFA 20's Career Mode, from pre-production to new features that would refresh the popular mode, much of which was based on community feedback.

"Our main drive is adding highly relevant features that would represent an important step forward for Career Mode and especially Manager Career. This year, the new feature lineup is represented by Press Conferences, Player Conversations and all of the intricate tools and logic sitting behind these features", EA wrote.

EA will be utilising the "huge amount" of data from FIFA 20's Career Mode to build variations of dynamic stories that affect players through match conferences and player conversations.

They claim these are no mere simulations of authenticity - they are based on the player progress, playing style, experience, standing and everything else FIFA 20 players will be interacting with, which will ultimately reflect on team morale and manager standing.

FIFA 20 will offer the same level of complexity for individual player talks, although these will be more based on individual player preferences, their primadonna coefficient and so on. Just kidding, there's no primadonna coefficient in FIFA 20.

EA claim that none of this would've been possible without the underlying Player Morale System, which hinges on a plethora of factors - playtime, wage, wage expectations, individual and team performance, team standing, etc. 

FIFA 20's Career Mode has also added female coach avatars, which is a first for the franchise, and both male and female coaches will have access to a ton of customisation options.


Also added were live news screenshots, league UI themes that make for a more personalised FIFA 20 experience, Dynamic Player Potential, which is pretty self-explanatory, and other general improvements and additions. 


You can check out more screenshots in the gallery below, or learn more on EA's FIFA 20 Career Mode .

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