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Fhacktions is a location-based MOBA from Paraguay

Published: 10:54, 20 May 2017

South American developer Posibillian Tech will be holding an open beta for their location-based MOBA Fhacktions in the near future. The studio has plans to release the game for both iOS and Android.

It's strange that very few noteworthy location-based mobile games have seen release in the time since Pokemon GO. The games industry, and especially when it comes to games for the mobile market, is quite prone to copy-cat endeavours once enough parties involved realise that there is money to be made by running with an already proven concept. 

Posibillian Fhacktions Fhacktions

aims to change that with an interesting idea. How about a location-based MOBA? Posibilian Tech, the studio behind the title, hails from Paraguay and the team is working towards having an open beta ready in early 2017, which should be any day now.

The game's combat mechanics are expressed through hacking, which goes well with the title's cyberpunk aesthetic. In-game servers will be placed in various real world locations, with players attacking/hacking a server having to be on site, while defenders can protect their servers from wherever they happen to be. Fhacktions will feature persistent character progression, unlike most MOBAs, and players can choose between several classes suited for different playstyles. An average team battle should last for about 5 minutes and individual hackers will be organised into factions, reads the current description on the game's web-site.

Posibillian Fhacktions Fhacktions

Everyone who enjoyed Pokemon GO, but felt that there wasn't quite enough game to it in a more conventional sense, should keep an eye out for this one. 


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