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Auto Chess is now getting a MOBA

Published: 02:35, 19 January 2021
Drodo Studio
Auto Chess MOBA
Auto Chess MOBA

Drodo Studio, responsible for Auto Chess and the subsequent surge of auto battlers, are now developing a MOBA game, coming full circle to where they started.

Drodo Studio kicked off a new brand of craze when their Auto Chess became extremely popular overnight. Technically, the game was just a mod for Dota 2 but that didn't stop it from becoming its own title eventually and it also caused both Valve and Riot Games to release their own auto battlers - Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics, respectively.

Well, now the devs have come a full circle and are announcing a MOBA title of their own. The announcement video below shows Loring Lee talking about this upcoming project and offers a few glimpses of gameplay.

From those few frames, it is clear this is a mobile game, so LoL and Dota 2 are probably not getting a new competitor on PC. It's probably for the best, considering the massive graveyard of MOBA titles that didn't make it in the ecosystem dominated by these two.

Lee promised two things to come with the Auto Chess MOBA - fairness and competition. The first one is especially important, given the fact that many mobile games push pay to win monetisation in order to make the big bucks. According to the video, this game will have all characters unlocked from the get-go and you will not be able to buy stats or power.

Competition is also a highly important aspect of a MOBA title but that remains to be seen properly when and if enough players come around to create a sustainable competitive scene. 

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