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League of Legends Wild Rift is adding guilds

Published: 23:56, 13 October 2021
Riot Games
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Riot announced a major feature is coming to League of Legends Wild Rift, one that even the main game on PC doesn't have.

Guilds have always been the cornerstone of social gaming and Riot Games are not oblivious to that fact, even if it might look that way since League of Legends doesn't have that particular feature, 12 years after launch. The version of the game for consoles and mobile, however, is about to get it.

These groups of players will be fully customisable with player-chosen name, tag, icon, description and other options. One interesting quirk about the name and tag is that they don't follow the rules that were seemingly set in stone by MMOs over the years. While MMOs would let only one guild have a certain name and then let more than one have the same tag, it will be the opposite in Wild Rift.

It's possibly made this way in order to avoid confusion while spectating a match between two guilds as the scoreboard will be showing their tags rather than full names.

Additionally, guilds can have labels in order to let players know what it focuses on before the potential newcomer jumps in. Some examples include Beginner Friendly, Ranked Climb and Community.

Just like the players it consists of, a guild is an entity that can eventually end up being toxic. Therefore, they will not be exempt from the regular disciplinary actions and players can report a guild for various offences.

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These are just the highlights and sort of a TL;DR version of the full thing but if you want to dig into the details further, you can do so on the official Wild Rift Guilds Overview page.

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