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Farming Simulator 20 crops up on Switch and mobile

Published: 14:32, 03 December 2019
Updated: 14:44, 03 December 2019
Farming Simulator 20
Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20 is now out for Switch and mobile. The game boasts a solid vehicle roster and features a new environment that'll bring its own produce into the mix.

Howdy farmers! Focus Home Interactive's Farming Simulator 20 joins the list of games you can purchase on your Switch console and phones today. 

Among the many things the latest Farming Simulator title has to offer are the various vehicles and tools that'll be at your disposal. The game will introduce John Deere to Switch and mobile. Who's this John guy? Well, it's not a guy - it's an American corporation that manufactures various agricultural equipment and tools.

Those tractors that have a green and yellow sign with a leaping deer on them? Those are John Deere trucks. And just like that, now you have a fun piece of heavy machinery trivia in your back pocket. Good for making small talk or playing Logo Quiz.

Farming Simulator 20 will also boast a fresh North American environment, and with the new environment come new crops. These will materialise in the form of cotton and oats. Looks like you can't escape the overnight oats trend even in videogames nowadays. No complaints here.

Now for the animal companions you'll get to tend in the new title. There will be cows, pigs and sheep. Horses will be there as well and now you'll even be able to ride them. Pretty neat.

Farming Simulator 20's roster will include just over 100 farming vehicles and tools that'll help you grow your farm, harvest the crops and generally enjoy the experience without (or with) leaving your chair.

Farming Simulator 20 is available now on Nintendo and for devices.

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