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Farming Simulator 19's esports competition set for FarmCon

Published: 15:11, 19 July 2019
Focus Home Interactive
Farming Simulator 19

All you digital farmers, let go of your electronic sickles and listen up - Giants Software has scheduled this year's FarmCon for 27 and 28 July 2019, when the creme of the crop farmers will test their mettle in Farming Simulator 2019.

FarmCon will take place at Claas in Harsewinkel, Germany, and it's a perfect spot for all your Farming Simulator 19 modding, developing and playing needs.

The game's main competition used to be called Farming Simulator Championship, but Giants Software recently renamed it to Farming Simulator League (FSL).

Along with the name change came much higher aspirations and the dev announced that the second season will feature a € and 10 Farming Simulator 19 tournaments across Europe. 

When it comes to the format of the competition, Giants Software stepped away from bale stacking and switched to 3 player teams, with a coach and substitute not counted among the three. 

Farming Simulator 19 teams are divided into seeded teams, which are an automatic shoo-in, and wildcard teams, which will have to compete in Stage 1 - the Wildcard Qualifiers. 

Those wildcard teams who pass the first stage will face a seeded team in a best of one match, where winning earns you Circuit Points.

Circuit Points will be calculated throughout the FLS season and the best players will eventually get to compete in the Farming Simulator World Championship.

As you'd expect, the FSL officially kicks off at FarmCon and the teams will clash for the very first time in this new format. Giants Software said that the total competition prize pool for each tournament stands at €12,000.

Even if you're just a casual player and not really competing, FarmCon will be a great place to hang around and the dev promised a Farming Simulator 19 goodie-bag "stuffed with great content and bonus material", as well other surprises.

Focus Home Interactive Farming Simulator 19
Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 enthusiasts who are hoping to make a mark on digital farming would do well to start practising right about now.

For everything else, you can learn more on Farming Simulator 19's .

Farming Simulator 19, Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive

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