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FarmCon 20 is going digital, ticket refunds are on the way

Published: 10:22, 30 April 2020
Giants Software
FarmCon 20
FarmCon 20

FarmCon 20 will be held in July but the live event will be replaced with a live stream. Tickets for FarmCon 20 are no longer available for purchase and those who already acquired theirs are getting a refund.

GIANTS Software just announced that FarmCon 20 will take place via public Live Stream this year. 

"After weeks of uncertainty how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis would develop, GIANTS Software has decided to switch to a streaming format."


The fans can no longer get their hands on tickets for FarmCon 20. Everyone who has already purchased a ticket will soon get a refund. As is usually goes with these things, the refunds may take a while. 

Open live stream 

The upcoming live stream will feature lectures, DLC insights and more, while the FarmCon at DEUTZ-FAHR Arena will be moved to next year. This year's program will consist of English live moderation as well as pre-recorded presentations. English subtitles will be available for the presentations held in German. 

Farming Simulator 19, Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Farming Simulator 19

Those who tune into the live stream will be privy to the news about the new DLC that will expand Farming Simulator 19 later this year.

The FSL finals will not take place at FarmCon 20 as originally intended and a revised schedule for the current season will be announced soon. 

FarmCon schedule and more info coming soon

The FarmCon 20 Live Stream will take place on Sunday, 19 July. The exact schedule will be announced as soon as possible. 

The devs are looking to plan the stream so it goes live around afternoon Central European Time. More information will be shared shortly.

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