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Fans' reaction to the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deep State teaser

Published: 18:44, 19 March 2020
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Deep State
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Deep State

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is on the verge of getting a fresh batch of content. The teaser for the new content features Sam Fisher voiced by Michael Ironside. The fans have not reacted well to yet another cameo and want a new Splinter Cell game.

Ubisoft have shared a teaser trailer for the content that will deploy for Ghost Recon Breakpoint on 24 March 2020. The teaser heavily hints at Sam Fisher's (of the Splinter Cell fame) return. 

The fans who have left comments under the teaser video are seemingly not happy about the whole thing as they want more than just an occasional cameo from the beloved character. The comments show that the fans are ready for a new Splinter Cell game. 

As for a new Splinter Cell game, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said back in 2017, "All the Clancy games are taken care of. It’s just we have quite a lot on our plate at the moment...All the Clancy games are really coming along, so we are not forgetting Splinter Cell." 

Last year, Guillemot said, "On Splinter Cell, there will be some new type of experiences, but more on different devices,". He continued "We can’t say when because as you know, it takes time, but we have to find which time is right to come back big." 

The rumour mill is busy churning out whispers of a Splinter Cell VR game but no official confirmation has been given yet. 

The new teaser trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint features Michael Ironside as the voice of Fisher so his return might mean the two parties are working on something more. 

A new update will launch between now and the release of Deep State on 24 March 2020. The upcoming patch will bring a new immersive mode to the mix. The new mode will remove gear levels and targeted loot and deliver new tactical opportunities.

Deep State will also add a new class of character - the Engineer. The new class will be able to deal more damage to drones, carry extra offensive items, and will have a buff to grenade launchers.

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