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Fallout 76 gets wheelchair decoration as per fan's wishes

Published: 19:02, 28 November 2020
Fallout 76 - Tan Military Beret
Fallout 76 - Tan Military Beret

Bethesda pulled a move that earned them a lot of goodwill from both the Fallout 76 community and the rest of the gaming world and the heartwarming story was just a C.A.M.P. decoration away.

Fallout 76 has been plagued by negativity ever since its disastrous launch and you would be hard-pressed to find someone saying it was a good launch even today. As such, the game has gained negative connotations and when you mention it to someone, their first thoughts would definitely not be about a wholesome story that goes along with the controversial game. And yet, this is exactly what it is.

Kelly Leunen, a disabled gamer, took to Fallout 76's subreddit to ask Bethesda to add wheelchairs as C.A.M.P. decorations so she could have another thing to connect her to the game through the customisation. Her post gained a lot of traction and it eventually caught the eyes of a Bethesda employee.

However, popular threads on Reddit come and go and without confirmation that Bethesda would do something about the matter, it probably slipped many fans' minds during the one-month period before Kelly posted again.

This time it was on Twitter, where she thanked the company for obliging her wish and actually adding the wheelchairs. Now, this doesn't mean everyone can get anything they want added in FO76 by just posting a Reddit thread - this is a rather specific situation with a heartwarming end to the story.

While Kelly's wish was fulfilled in Fallout 76, her struggle in real life continues. She couldn't get a license for Canta car, a Dutch vehicle specifically crafted for disabled people, and couldn't get the funding from the government. 

This prompted the 23-year-old gamer to post a GoFundMe page where she is collecting money in hopes of buying the car and not having to rely on cabs for movement across longer distances. 

One of the biggest issues that she cited about having to use cabs was when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this option was not available to anyone and she was stuck with no means of transportation for such treks.

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