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LoL Esports: Team Liquid to reform the roster next season

Published: 01:14, 13 September 2022
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Team Liquid's underwhelming season is now behind them and the shot callers of the organisation are looking to make sure it doesn't repeat.

League of Legends Championship Series 2022 was dominated by imports, possibly even more than in the previous seasons as the organisations went all in with the investments in order to secure the best talent for their teams.

Team Liquid was one of those organisations, going out of their way to secure an almost entirely European roster, with the exception of CoreJJ who is Korean. That said, three out of five team members were in LCS for years now and are no subject to the import rule.

Unfortunately, the team didn't click that well, with EG claiming glory in the Spring Split and C9 in Summer, with TL failing to even qualify for Worlds 2022.

It is for this reason that it's not surprising that Steve Arhancet, the Team Liquid head honcho, recently announced big changes that are coming for the next season.

Arhancet's statement about not feeling confident in a superteam type of roster is of particular interest since it all but confirms big departures before the next season.

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While nothing is official yet, there are rumours that Bwipo and Hans Sama are the prime candidates for getting a new home next season, with many fans wishing to see them back in Europe. 

On the other hand, it's debatable whether Bwipo could find his footing in the region once again but Hans Sama could make the competition for the best marksman in LECmore intense than ever.

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