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Fallout 76 nuke codes, week of August 18, 2020

Published: 11:44, 19 August 2020
Updated: 11:45, 19 August 2020
picture showing three nukes explosion in Fallout 76
Triple nuke blast

Bethesda updated the nuke codes once again and the community deciphered the new ones. There is a new freebie in the Atom Shop and A Colossal Problem is now available.

Fallout 76 nuke codes for the week of August 18, 2020, are:

  • Alpha - 61285272
  • Bravo - 43893933
  • Charlie - 92156152

The new public event, A Colossal Problem, is now available. Players will get to go into the Monongah Mine with a team of up to eight people in order to reach the legendary Wendigo Colossus. In order to get to the mine, first talk to Maggie Williams in Foundation. 

In order to clear the way to the mine, you will need to drop a nuke on the rubble as it appears Bethesda took the "fight nuclear fire with nuclear fire" approach. Keep in mind that the dungeon is crafted for high-level players so if you're under level 50, going for the Colossal Wendigo may not be a good idea.

Teaming up can be a nuisance for some players who don't have their friend lists filled up so the new Atom Shop freebie may come in handy. It's an emote that is literally called "Join My Public Team" and displays your wish to group up rather clearly. 

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

There is a handful of discounts for items leaving the shop on August 25, 2020, so it might be a good idea to jump over to and check them out in case you need some new decorations, or maybe an outfit that befits a Commie spy.

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