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Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition announced for PlayStation 4

Published: 12:18, 25 September 2020
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mockup showing Fahrenheit ps4 case and artbook

Today, the publisher Meridiem Games have officially announced the release of Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 4 as a special retail boxed version.

In case you have never head of Fahrenheit, it's a 2005 interactive action drama title from French developer Quantic Dream. It's a pretty iconic title and that probably the reason why the publisher Meridiem Games have announced the release of a special retail boxed version, to celebrate the game's fifteenth birthday. Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition will release on PlayStation 4. 

The publisher collaborated with the developer Quantic Dream to manufacture and distribute the physical boxed edition of the game.

"The collaboration will see Meridiem Games manufacture and distribute a boxed version of Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 4 which will be available to buy in retail stores across Europe and Australia. Meridiem Games work with developers to publish and manufacture physical boxed products of their games and distribute to retail stores across International territories," it's written in the announcement. 

Quantic Dream Fahrenheit screenshot showing a man in a snowy park Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit's special edition will release in late November and it includes a specially created case and sleeve, a sticker set, high quality printed artbook and a special letter written by the Quantic Dream team behind the original game. This boxed edition will retail for £24.99 / €29.99.

At the moment, we do not know if this special edition will also release for PC and Xbox.

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