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F1 22 HUD and menu design leaked

Published: 14:40, 30 May 2022
Reddit user Minute_Writing
New Alpine livery
New Alpine livery

F1 22 is going back to the minimalistic menu UI that existed in the previous version of the game.

Around 5 years ago, the minimalistic menu design was replaced with a card-based menu, like on many other sports games like FIFA and NBA 2K. This year, the F1 22 is going back to the roots, and the menu will not feature cards but tabs with classic text options.

Players quickly noticed that the Brand shop option is included in the Home section, along with New career, Game options, and Accessibility. 

The Brand shop will probably refer to F1 clothes, and the question remains will it be purchasable by in-game money, real money, or both.

Reddit user Minute_Writing New menu design New menu design

As we see, there is an emphasis on the Supercars as they appear in the background of the menu. Supercars are the new type of cars added to the game that will have their own modes. (replacing Classic cars). 

EA is most likely targeting newer, a bit more casual, fans of the sport, who got into the Formula by watching Netflix's Drive to Survive series, and don't care about the technical aspect of the game as much as they do about the lifestyle, and Supercars are a part of that.

Reddit user Minute_Writing New race HUD New race HUD

In-game HUD, which can be modified by the user, has not gone through a major overhaul, and looks quite similar to the previous game, with a bit minimalistic adjustments taking place.

The current HUD does not have a bad rep in the community, and with the variety of options to include and exclude,  there is no real need to redesign it.

The last two leaked pictures show the Supercars menu selection, with Safety cars included as a part of the selection.

The first thing players noticed is that some supercars, for example, Safety Cars, will be locked behind the paywall, so they will have to be purchased separately or through DLC.

Reddit user Minute_Writing Supercard behind the paywall Supercard behind the paywall

This approach was to be expected from EA, fans just hope that it doesn't spread to Tracks and Drivers in the future, as most hardcore fans don't really care about Supercars. 

What fans don't like is that the Supercars replaced legacy F1 cars, which were much more natural to the game than Supercars. Supercars mode, however, gives EA the chance to monetize the content as the mode is set to appeal to a wider audience compared to the previous Legacy cars that were targeted at real F1 enthusiasts.

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