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F1 22 gameplay feature trailer released

Published: 15:17, 31 May 2022
F1 22 Sprint POV
F1 22 Sprint POV

The second release of the F1 game under EA brings all-new cars, Sprint Races, circuit updates, and much more.

The new release of the F1 22 will feature a lot of changes, marking the first full year of development under new management. 

A lot of new features are to be added including sprint format, full formation lap, manual pit stops, VR support, cross-play, different commentaries, laser-scanned Tracks, and Supercars that will be replacing the usual Classic F1 cars. 

Players have been skeptical about some new features, mostly Supercars and hiding in-game items behind a paywall, but have welcomed other mentioned features. 

Minutes ago, the EA released first gameplay feature trailer that you can watch below:

The trailer shows new pit handlings and pit stop errors, practice programs, adaptive A.I., circuit updates including the return of Portimao and China, and F1 life which will include many options of character and apartment customizations.

There is noticeable attention given to F1 Life mode, probably aimed at more casual fans of the sport who enjoy the life aspect of the sport as much as the technical one.

Also shown in the trailer are the F2 series, Supercars, improved My team option, single and two players career, split-screen and multiplayer. 

The vehicle performances have been updated to the latest season, placing Ferrari and Red Bull at the top, with Mercedes on the close third spot, and Aston Martin and Williams at the very bottom.

EA Apartment modifications Apartment modifications

EA has not announced the pre-order sale numbers, but considering how much traffic the upcoming release is receiving, it is fair to say it could break earlier Codemasters records.

The Champions Edition of the game will release on June 28, 2022, while the standard edition will follow three days later, on July 1, 2022,  for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. 

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