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Escape from Tarkov: Why is the wipe most likely this Thursday

Published: 16:01, 20 June 2022

As pre-wipe events start with an airdrop event, we take a look at the most probable wipe date: Thursday, 23th of June.

Pre-wipe events have started this morning with  airdrops happening on all exterior maps , multiple times during the raid, with the only question remaining: When exactly is the wipe? 

The short answer is Thursday. The long answer is also Thursday. Here is why.

Thursday, with a number of exceptions, has been the go-to day for Escape from Tarkov wipes in the past. As the wipe brings back a massive number of players, the decision to do it just before the weekend when most people have the freest time makes sense. 

It also allows developers to quickly fix any issues dealing with a higher influx of players on a Friday, as it's still a regular working day. (separate teams deal with weekend fixes).

Another thing going for Thursday is the hype created by the community over the years as Thursday is a synonym for a wipe. And considering that Battlestate Games is taking huge steps towards the full release, making the most out of every wipe cycle beginning can mean a lot in terms of the game's popularity and sales. 

The number of people that would stream/watch/play Tarkov over the next weekend is not comparable to the same on work days.

There are two arguments against the wipe happening on Thursday. 

The first is that pre-wipe events usually last for seven days, offering players an opportunity to burn through their equipment without gear fear and have fun. 

But this wipe cycle, and especially over the past two months, we had many events happening including the closure of the Flea market and Raiders switching locations, which are usually pre-wipe exclusive events. Because of that, a part of the player base has already been fed up with events and would appreciate shorter pre-wipe events duration, as they bring nothing new to the table and would be replayed twice within two months.

The second reason is that Battlestate Games would like to ease the income of players by placing the wipe at the beginning of next week. That would be counter-productive marketing-wise but could offer more time to test new features before the weekend, and possibly avoid immediate player queues like the previous wipe. 

Even though this is not a bad argument, it still is a stretch, considering the influx of players over the first weekend would still be enormous, and if Battlestate Games have not prepared for the 100k+ players over the last six months, they will not pull out something magical in a couple of days.

​That is why we think the wipe is this Thursday.

The wipe comes with a patch including many important updates including Lighthouse expansion, FSR (AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution), new Rogue bosses, new animations, new weapons including the grenade launchers, updated flare guns and airdrops, and possibly offline co-op, which has not been 100% confirmed.

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