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Escape from Tarkov: Obdolbos buffed and wipe date teased?

Published: 09:49, 21 June 2022
Battlestate Games
Cryptic message
Cryptic message

Following the pattern of the previous wipe cycle, the changed substance stats are hiding the actual wipe date.

Pre-wipe events continue in Escape from Tarkov, this time with the substance buff. Battlestate Games posted a Tweet an hour ago, with a cryptic message.

The translation is as follows:

Dear friend, I sent you a big package of modified substances, as we had an experiment. The third of it would be for your work and the rest we will need to spread across local buyers. You can take it from our female friend.

Translated to in-game vocabulary, Obdolbos, a cocktail injector, has been buffed significantly with most skills getting +50 for 1800 seconds, and can be purchased from the Therapist.

But what is more important, is the 5 percent chance of -3006 health regeneration, because 3006 can mean 30.06, and the last wipe when we had Obdolbos stats change, the negative value was the actual wipe date

Just yesterday we wrote how the wipe will most likely be on a Thursday, and we were partially right, as it will be on a Thursday, but next week, as the 30th of June is Thursday.

Pestily, the most famous Tarkov streamer, also thinks that the wipe is probably next week, saying this week's Thursday is too soon.

This has left some players disappointed as they are eager to start the new wipe as soon as possible, with some of them not excited about pre-wipe events at all.

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