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Escape from Tarkov: Nikita shows first grenade launcher

Published: 11:54, 31 May 2022
Battlestate Games
Big Pipe boss
Big Pipe boss

Grenade launchers are coming to Escape from Tarkov soon.

Nikita, the C.E.O. of the Battlestate Games, just posted a teaser picture of the grenade launcher, which is expected to be added to the game with the new Lighthouse expansion

We already saw the same launcher in the hands of one of three new Rogue bosses, Big Pipe, during the last month's podcast when they showed the first images of the bosses.

As there was no additional talk regarding the bosses, there are two options for how the grenade launcher will be implemented in the game.

Either it will be a regular weapon, lootable, and maybe purchasable at a high price at max Trader level, or it will be unlootable and only accessible to bosses.

We saw the implementation of the second option for the hammer of the latest boss Tagilla. The rest of his equipment is lootable, but his main weapon, a powerful hammer that he swings at players, is not. This option would bring a new level to fights against bosses, but PvP would remain the same, which could be interpreted as a missed opportunity.

Another option would be that it is lootable, and available to the players, which would highly change the PvP dynamics, both on small maps like The Lab but larger ones as well, like Customs or Lighthouse. The players are afraid that if no measures are taken to nerf the launcher, the Tarkov could turn into an MW2 deathmatch lookalike where launcher M.E.T.A would prevail against the current diversity in weapons.

There are several ways in which the grenade launcher could be nerfed:

  • Longer reloads
  • More frequent jams
  • Overheating
  • More difficult handling (through skill)
  • Very expensive ammo

We could see a couple of variations tried out once the grenade launcher was added, as we highly doubt the Battlestate Games would allow PvP fights reduced to one weapon.

The grenade launcher is most likely to be added with the Lighthouse expansion, which is expected in the following months.

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