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Escape from Tarkov: How did dynamic loot impact the game?

Published: 21:09, 06 March 2022
Is Lighthouse loot too buffed up at the moment?
Is Lighthouse loot too buffed up at the moment?

The idea of dynamic loot has been a topic for some time in the Tarkov community and was finally introduced last year. Here is a brief analysis of the impact it had on the Tarkov world.

Before the introduction of dynamic loot, Escape from Tarkov had a static loot which resulted in players rushing the high-tier loot spawn points. That in itself is not that terrible as you get a lot of PvP fights in the first 5-10 minutes of the raid, and those fights were engaging and interesting for those involved, while it offered players with more careful approach time to move and loot other parts of the map. 

Loot spawns had a formula, and it took only a wipe or two for a player to learn it and adapt his gameplay to it.

One of the problems was that players would plan the raid based on their spawn point, and more often than not, raids would follow the same line as the high-tier loot was always in the same places, which can get pretty boring and feel like grinding. Even though high-tier loot was not guaranteed in those locations, it still had a high percentage of spawn unlike other parts of the map where you'd had to settle for mostly cheap barter items and low-tier loot.

The other problem occurred mid-wipe when most players had decent gear and would just rush spawn loot and leave, leaving the 30 minutes of the raid lifeless and empty. 

So to tackle that, there was a strong push from the community to implement a dynamic loot system to bring life to loots, but a couple of months in, several players are calling out the current dynamic system.

This version of dynamic loot is of course just the first iteration and will probably get tweaked in the next wipe and slightly changed even this wipe to test the range of what dynamic loot can offer.

Customs dorms Customs dorms are somewhat empty this wipe

The first problem of this iteration of dynamic loot is that it doesn't feel like dynamic loot for most maps, it just feels like BSG nerfed existing loop pools. 

They did increase spawn rate chance in parts of the map that prior had no high-tier loot, but not to the extent that it's that much noticeable. People do get lucky from time to time, but it feels more like a lottery than equal distribution across the map.

The second problem is previous high-tier locations like Dorms on Custom's good nerfed pretty heavily.  Now it's like the opposite of the previous system as those places are not worth rushing anymore.  

And for some players who don't mind repetitiveness that is a major downside of the nerf as it removed fun PvP COD-like moments from the game. Even if you didn't rush the Custom Dorms, for example, you'd still feel the rush knowing there's a high chance of geared players nearby.

The third problem is the current inequality of loot distribution between The Lighthouse and all other maps. Tarkov has been the M.E.T.A. game from the beginning, with players seizing unnatural movement, desync, using the same moving line across maps, etc. 

And with the same logic, The Lighthouse currently is the only map worth playing as even the secondary loots on it are a better option than the main loot on other maps. The player distribution between maps is a topic for another article, but the current Lighthouse buff seems to extend that inequality even further.

The fourth problem is that uniqueness seems lost as some maps should have different loot as they are unique in setting like Interchange. It's natural that a huge Shopping mall with a Techno shop should have the best technical equipment, likewise, the Reserve should have the best military gear. 

With the current dynamic loot, the reasons why people played some specific maps loot-wise is disappearing. And if the loot type isn't map-specific to at least some extent, then maps like Woods and Shoreline might have a serious problem with the player count.

With all of the things mentioned above, we do recognize that this is the first iteration of the dynamic loot implementation, which unfortunately came together with the new map BSG is trying to sell to their players, so the two problems that are not truly connected are morphed into one.

The community still agrees that for the most part, this wipe was the most enjoyable wipe so far, and that dynamic loot is still a better idea than the static one for long-term Tarkov's existence, with the acknowledgment that it needs fine-tuning.

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