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Escape from Tarkov: DLSS is coming next week

Published: 18:25, 01 April 2022
Updated: 18:28, 01 April 2022
Battlestate Games
DLSS example shown on podcast
DLSS example shown on podcast

Long-awaited graphical update is finally coming to Escape from Tarkov

Probably the biggest announcement made on today's Battlestate Games podcast was that DLSS is coming to Escape from Tarkov as soon as next week

For those unfamiliar with the term, DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling and is groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX™ GPUs.

DLSS has become a standard within the AAA gaming community, as it makes the playing experience vastly better, and utilizes the full capacity of today's graphic cards. Battlestate Games C.E.O, Nikita Buyanov, announced the DLSS some time ago, and finally, it passed the testing phase and will be available to the Tarkov community.

Battlestate Games DLSS Comparison DLSS Comparison

Two comparison images were shown during the podcast. First shows a bridge on Customs and we can see that with DLSS on, FPS is a solid 130 for two out of three options.

Frame rate is a bit lower with the reflective surrounding as seen in the second example where all options have FPS below 120.

Battlestate Games DLSS Comparison 2 DLSS Comparison 2

Players will be able to choose between 4 options:

  • No DLSS
  • Quality
  • Balanced
  • Performance

The quality option will be the best visual experience, while it sacrifices some FPS in the process. The performance option will include DLSS but limit it to a certain degree to maximize the FPS. The balanced option will try and use the best of both worlds, and if we're judging on the data shown during the podcast, it's probably the best option for most players.

  How to turn on DLSS

Once the DLSS is added to the game, it will appear under graphics settings inside the menu. Just head over to the graphics tab, and between Resampling and HBAO will Nvidia DLSS option appear

Select the option you want based on your PC specs and your playing style.

Battlestate Games Graoph Nvidia DLSS options

Nikita announced that DLSS is coming most probably next week, or at the latest, the week or weekend after, if any last-minute work needs to be done.

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