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Escape from Tarkov: Car extracts are finally fixed

Published: 14:55, 01 July 2022
Reddit user MineIsTheTiniest
Bridge car extract on Woods works again
Bridge car extract on Woods works again

Paid car extracts on all maps, among other things, have been fixed with today's patch.

Paid extracts are the best way to exit the raid early, and a lot of people use them when they are spawned near a good lot. But since the release of patch 12.12.30, they have been bugged, as the driver was not accepting money, therefore the extract did not work.

That was fixed with today's patch released by Battlestate Games which will download automatically once you open the Battlestate Launcher. 

Since then, players have reported successful extracts using Bridge Car Extract on Woods and Dorms V-Ex on Customs.

Reddit user u/7KD1 Dorms v-ex is working as well Dorms v-ex is working as well

Among other things fixed is the interface freeze which occurred when changing to 1st person mode in the Hideout.

"Friend from the West - Part 1" can now finally be completed as the dog tag handover mechanics have been fixed, so the players are now able to finish this early Skier quest.

Missing sound when landing on various surfaces has been added as well, and the Scav operational task replacement cost has been adjusted.

Problems that still remain are the Traders missing items, Mip streaming, keybindings bug that rebinds keys to F13, and in-game stuttering with NVIDIA GPUs.

Battlestate Games continues to work on the remaining issues, as the weekend and huge influx of players approaches.

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