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Epic rolls out Fortnite: Battle Royale Week 7 challenges, the Gnomes are here

Published: 18:51, 07 April 2018
Epic Games
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Fortnite Battle Royale drop

Proud owners of the Battle Pass for Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale have received a new set of challenges for Week 7. Confirming the earlier leak, there will be Gnomes and in case you don't feel like running around, we've got you covered.

As is already customary for Fortnite, most of the challenges are pretty easy and/or self-explanatory but we'll still go through them, just to be sure.

Epic Games An animated character standing next to a rock looking towards the horizon Fortnite Battle Royale no-dancing sign

First up is inflicting 1,000 damage with Shotguns, which yields five Battle Stars. Seeing as how Fortnite players have a lot of love for shotguns, you've probably finished this already.

Second Fortnite challenge will have you searching through seven chests in Lonely Lodge, also worth five Battle Stars. Considering the number of chests Lonely Lodge spawns and the fact that world plus dog are going for them, you'll probably need a few drops to take care of this.

Epic Games An armed woman running into the woods Fortnite Battle Royale: Wailing Woods, happy hunting!

Searching a Chest, Ammo Box and a Supply Drop crate in a single match will take care of the third Week 7 challenge. Seeing as how you're bound to find a Chest and Ammo Box immediately, the only challenge here is to remember to pick up a Supply Drop. The challenge will earn you 5 Battle Stars as well.

Onto the hidden Gnomes, our fourth challenge. If you've been hearing strange evil-ish laughter while playing Fortnite, don't worry - you're not hallucinating like with Chest sounds. You'll have to find seven Gnomes in total, which earns you five Battle Stars but Epic made sure they aren't easily found.

AltChar A map showing locations of Gnomes in Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite Gnomes

  • Junk Junction - dead centre of the location, large building. Smash the mattress and cabinet on the top floor.
  • Haunted Hills - in the lower floor of the big church
  • Pleasant Park - the far house to the north-west, behind the container
  • Tomato Town - smash the furniture in the back office of the main restaurant
  • Wailing Woods - go east to one of the bungalows, follow the laughter
  • Loot Lake - go to the central island, the Gnome is tucked away behind the wooden columns that hold the house up
  • Lonely Lodge - go to the bungalow north-east of the location, smash the furniture to get to the Gnome
  • Snobby Shores - go to the southmost house's basement, find the bathroom, smash to find Gnome
  • Tilted Towers - go to the southern part of the map with the overpass, the Gnome is next to the trucks
  • Dusty Depot - go to the southmost warehouse, smash the long crate to find the Gnome tucked away behind it
  • Retail Row - on the south-east of a map is a small, green diner called Joeli. Next to it, surrounded by wire fence, is the location you're looking for. Go in, smash, pick up Gnome.
  • Greasy Grove - go to the large diner in the west part, go to the bathrooms and smash-follow the laughter
  • Shifty Shafts - if you come in from the east entrance to the mine, follow the railroad left, Gnome is on the next turn to the right
  • Salty Springs - the Gnome is in the basement of the big house in the south part, look underneath the stairs
  • Fatal Fields - land next to the silos and smash the hay bale
  • Moisty Mire - just below the 'o' in Moisty, follow the laughter
  • Flush Factory - taped-up room in the middle of the factory that often spawns Chests on top of it, behind the toilet
  • Lucky Landing - the building to the north-west, the Gnome is behind the toilet

Reddit A map showing the location of treasure in Fortnite: Battle Royale Treasure Chest

As for the Treasure Map in Retail Row, you might as well go straight to Wailing Woods, because the map leaked before the challenges went official. And Epic called it 'Hard', right? Either way, it scores you 10 Battle Stars.

The remaining two challenges are eliminating three opponents with Suppressed Weapons and killing another three in Shifty Shafts, both of which are rated as 'Hard' and bring in 10 Battle Stars.

So what are you waiting for, happy hunting!

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