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Fortnite data mining blows lid on Week 10 challenges

Published: 16:29, 25 April 2018
Epic Games
Showcase of The Reaper skin from Fortnite - he looks like John Wick.
Fortnite - Heavy Shotgun should look good with the ''Totally-not-John-Wick'' skin.

It seems to have become customary to find out about Epic's weekly Fortnite challenges from data miners but who are we to complain. It turns out that the list of Week 10 Challenges for Battle Pass owners holds seven challenges in total.

Even though that part wasn't mentioned in the data mines, completing Week 10 Challenges should earn Fortnite's Battle Pass holders 4,000 XP upon completion. Naturally, we're talking about an early leak and besides, you may want to finish first.

First up is searching seven chests in Fortnite's Fatal Fields, which should take a few drops. Second is dealing 250 of headshot damage, which should also be a piece of cake, seeing as how headshots in Fortnite are subject to multipliers as well.

Third up is rummaging through 12 chests in different named locations while the fourth challenge is skydiving through 10 floating rings, which is a pretty nice way to make Fortnite's drop a bit more interesting. All the aforementioned challenges are classified as easy and earn five Battle Stars each.

Players will have to search between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge and a Red RV for the fourth Fortnite challenge, which earns 10 Battle Stars. We'll probably be updating this piece with a map soon so if you're anxious to find it, be sure to check back later.

Next up is eliminating 10 opponents, presumably anywhere and anyhow. It earns you 10 Battle Stars just like the following Fortnite challenge, which is eliminating three opponents in Pleasant Park.

It seems like Epic didn't really go all out this time around, seeing as how there weren't any , , or anything along those lines.

With world and dog talking about , it's becoming painfully obvious that something is going down in Fortnite land. There are theories floating around that runaway controller vibrations in Fortnite spell 18 May 2018 in Morse code but we're still heavily in the speculation domain.

Either way, Fortnite's next season is behind the corner so we'll have our answers soon enough.

Epic Games Fortnite website Fortnite - Season 3's end on 30 April 2018 detailed in the top left corner.

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