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Fortnite gets Week 3 Battle Pass challenges data mined, again

Published: 17:30, 14 May 2018
Fortnite Battle Royale screenshot with a picture of a rubber duckie

As has already become customary, Epic's set of weekly challenges for Fortnite's Battle Pass holders has been data mined, so let's peek into Week 3. Once again, Epic will be spicing things up with special gimmicks - Rubber Duckies.

Mandatory disclaimer - you need a Season 4 Battle Pass to qualify, even though it doesn't hurt if you know where enemies are most likely to flock to. Challenges classified as easy earn five stars while the three hard challenges earn 10.

Watching a match replay is Fortnite's first challenge, which isn't even a challenge. I find myself spending a whole lot of time in Fortnite's replay feature and still am blown away by its capabilities. But I digress.

Second challenge is dealing 500 damage to Fortnite players with pistols, so better get those trigger fingers ready. Searching through seven chests in Lonely Lodge is challenge number three. As usual, it may take more drops depending on how many unwanted paratroopers follow you there.

This concludes easy Fortnite challenges and starts off the hard ones, the first of which is searching 10 rubber duckies. Of course, we'll still have to wait for Epic's official word on rubber duckies but it's likely that they'll be functioning similarly to or .

The next Fortnite challenge is following the treasure map found in Salty Springs and even though usually had that one by Monday, this time around it didn't happen. We're not sure whether Epic decided to hold their cards closer to the chest but it's all the same to us, we guess.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations are next, two of them to be exact while the final one is killing three Fortnite players in Tilted Towers. As you can imagine, those can be trickier than they sound. Epic's Week 3 set of challenges for Season 4 of Fortnite Fortnite S4 Week 3 challenges

You can expect Epic's official announcement of Season 4 Week 3 challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale on Tuesday, 15 May 2018, when we should know more details about the duckies. I still can't believe I'm writing about rubber duckies though. See you in the circle.

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