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Epic continues pursuing the 14 year old hacker in court

Published: 12:50, 26 April 2018
Updated: 13:28, 26 April 2018
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Epic ain't kidding around when it comes to Fortnite and if you needed any proof that the company is adamant on zero tolerance when it comes to cheating, then wait no more as the company continues its legal pursuit of a 14 year old cheater.

It's easy to paint Epic and Fortnite in a bad light here, after all - we are talking about a 14 year old person, who is legally recognised as a minor. Having said that though, the activities he indulged in don't really suggest a minor.

Epic accused the defendant called C.R. of unlawfully modifying Fortnite as well as coming up with "unathorised derivative work". The same minor apparently used at least two YouTube channels where, as the lawsuit states, he promoted, distributed and induced others to use cheats. Also, the same person has been banned for cheating on multiple occasions.

Even though C.R. is not the only defendant in Epic's anti-cheating efforts, he is the most prominent among the group that's being sued. After all, headlines just love the big bad Epic pursuing innocent 14 year olds, even if the latter indulged in illegal practises and made money off of them.

To be fair, Epic didn't know the defendant was 14 year old when they sued him but the company isn't backing down, no sir. In fact, Epic seem to have doubled down in order to set a clear example of what happens to cheaters in Fortnite and we honestly can't say we fault them for that.

In contrast, seeing a jumbling, cheating mess that is PUBG is a golden example of what happens when you let cheaters run amok. PUBG Corp has long turned a blind eye to the issue, mostly because a bulk of their cheaters come from their most lucrative of markets. So, when you get down to it - it's a decision of prioritising profits over product quality.

Epic's with the lawsuit comes after the defendant's mother to Epic's initial filing. She claims that Epic cannot really prove anything, that the company has broken anonymity laws, that they cannot prove they're entitled to damages and that their EULA is void, since it didn't include parental consent.

Epic, of course, do not agree and the legal fight goes on.

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