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Epic MegaGrants dished out $13 million in 2019

Published: 02:03, 24 December 2019
Epic Games
Epic Games' MegaGrants promo image
Epic Games' MegaGrants promo image

Epic Games recently revealed how much their Epic MegaGrants program gave out in 2019. The $13 million didn't just go up in smoke as the company pushed the smaller developers' vision into becoming more than just abstract thoughts.

Epic Games are certainly garnering a lot of hate with the gamers thanks to their game exclusivity strategy for Epic Games Store but there is no denying they are in developers and publishers' good graces. Besides the 88/12 revenue split, Epic are popular among the smaller developer companies due to helping them out financially over the years and the latest incarnation of that stream are the Epic MegaGrants.

This program refers to the planned $100 million that will go to financially support the developers that are not big enough to make it out on their own. The latest blog post on Unreal Engine's website stated that $13 million was disseminated among the smaller developers as Epic Games chose promising projects and usually devoted $5,000 to $500,000 for some of them.

Blender, the 3D creation suite, was the recipient of the single biggest grant in 2019 as it received $1.2 million but the amount will not be paid out immediately as the deal is for Epic to support the suite over the course of three years.

Besides the game developers in Unreal Engine, Epic supported content creators, educators and more groups that could use the money to allow their creativity to flourish. 

Mad Head Games Picture of a guy slaughtering monsters in Pagan Online Mad Head Games, developers of Pagan Online were among MegaGrants recipients

The on the website contains the lengthy list of developers and other groups that received the grants. It is way too long to write down in the article but the linked post should give you a better idea of the scale of Epic MegaGrants.

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