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Epic Games Store reveals next free game to be Axiom Verge

Published: 14:46, 26 January 2019
Thomas Happ Games
A game character fighting a monster in Axiom Verge
Axiom Verge

Sweeney and Co are keeping true to their promise of offering a free game every two weeks on the Epic Games Store and we now know that the next one is Axiom Verge, a Metroidvania game launched in 2015 and developed by Thomas Happ Games.

As you could've already guessed from the name of the developer, Axiom Verge is actually a labour of love by Thomas Happ, whose list of credits includes games like End of Nations, NFL Street and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Axiom Verge was his pet project since 2010 and having worked on it all alone, Happ is credited for all the coding, music, game design, etc. Not that it takes anything away from the game itself mind you, as it seems to sports a higher critical rating than any of the credited ones.

In fact, the game's PC rating is the lowest of all the platforms it launched as its Metacritic stands at 80 per cent. Its highest rating is on Nintendo's Switch console, where it's rated at 87 per cent, perhaps quite expectedly so.

As Axiom Verge's story goes, players will be following Trace, a scientist whose terrible injury is followed by a rude awakening in a strange, alien world. The game packs more than enough action for fans of the genre and offers upwards of 60 power-ups and different items, each of whom provides different gameplay and play style opportunities.

Just in case you're not genre savvy, the name Metroidvania refers to Metroid and Castlevania games, platformers that take place in a single large map. As players progress, the map expands via previously unavailable various doors and compartments. If you don't recall the aforementioned, then think Hollow Knight.

Jackbox Games A trivia question from the game Jackbox Party Pack Jackbox Party Pack

Axiom Verge will be available from 07 to 21 February 2019, all you need to do is download it from Epic's launcher. Until then, the offer for Jackbox Party Pack, a hilarious collection of party games that elderly gamers will recognise as You Don't Know Jack trivia games, will be available until Axiom Verge has arrived.

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