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Epic Games Store finally rolling out achievements

Published: 13:47, 30 July 2020
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Achievements have been one of the longest-running complaints from Epic Games Store's detractors but Sweeney and Co have finally started rolling the feature out.

In fact, if you're interested in just how many features of Steam are yet to be implemented by Epic Games, you can probably find that out from the announcement tweet. 

"Certain games on the Epic Games Store may begin to display achievements as you unlock them. This is an early version of the feature and you can expect to see changes & adjustments. We'll have more info to share on achievements in the future, so stay tuned", the company tweeted.

They included a brief video showing the EGS achievements in action, and they look pretty neat. It's a pop-up window, which should make checking them out a pretty simple affair. 

Many EGS users also wonder about whether the achievements for games will unlock retrospectively. It stands to reason that it should, but these things are never as simple, so it's perhaps best to wait for Epic's official statement on that. 

We're saying that because if an hours-played stat is required for an achievement, and it hadn't been implemented back when you finished the game - it would make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to make it work retroactively. 

All things considered, EGS has been making real strides in establishing itself as a genuine competitor to Steam, hitting the sort of numbers no other competitor has achieved. 

The store has exceeded 61 million users in June 2020, greatly helped by all the free games, which by the way really did the trick. 

Fortnite, Chapter 2: Season 3 by Epic Games

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 3, new PoI

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