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Epic Games Store burned almost half a billion USD so far, expects more

Published: 16:09, 10 April 2021
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Epic Games recently revealed some of the numbers about their store, such as the fact it burned about $454 million so far but expects to turn a profit in the next two years.

EGS is not popular with many gamers due to their timed exclusivity deals, which are the company's main strategy of getting the players to use their launcher. This strategy was also probably the biggest money burner in the past two years. 

Epic Games tend to keep the numbers close to the chest but their war with Apple required the company to submit a filing that revealed the store was down $181 million in 2019 and $273 in 2020 , with the total being $454 million.

The reason we keep saying they are burning through the money instead of losing it is the fact that exclusivity deals, coupons and freebies are all investments for the company, in hopes of getting the attracted users to stay and keep spending in the store. 

Still, that is quite the chunk of change that may be hard to recover in a short period of time and it looks like the company is hoping the store will turn a profit in 2023. Therefore, they are expecting to burn more money in 2022, so it's safe to assume more exclusivity deals will be on their way during the year.

Epic Games Fortnite - New in-game currency - Bars Given the amount of money pouring in from Fortnite, Epic are probably not too troubled with what they dished out

Currently, Epic maintains that the 12 per cent cut covers the operating costs and it remains to be seen if it will indeed allow the store to turn a profit before 2024.

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