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Epic Games Store announces 15 games free to claim

Published: 23:21, 10 December 2020
Epic Games
Epic Games Store holiday celebration image
Epic Games Store holiday celebration image

Holiday season is going strong over at Epic Games as the company announced their storefront will be giving out free games like there is no tomorrow until 2020 runs out.

Epic Games Store will be giving out a total of 15 games that will be free to keep over the course of two weeks. Since two weeks is equal to 14 days, you probably noticed that there is something off with the math. "Two weeks" is a figure of speech here since the giveaway will be going on for 15 days in total so we hope that will clear things up.

Anyway, the freebie fest will kick off on December 17 and will go on each new day until there are 15 new entries in your library. While one might expect a catch or two, there is just one caveat - each game will be free to claim for 24 hours. After that period expires, you can claim the next one but if you missed the window, you won't be able to claim the previous game during the rest of the giveaway.

The giveaways will be followed by large discounts as well. According to the announcement , the deals will go up to 75 per cent off. Some stiff competition is sure to be over at Gaben's storefront which will probably have discounts of up to 90 per cent or perhaps even more - it's not unheard of.

AltChar artwork showing epic games store logo on a blurry background EGS' next exclusivity deal is benefitting the players

Then again, it's hard to imagine Steam will offer 15 games at no cost and free to keep afterwards.

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