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Embark Studio share a new teaser for their stunning open-world action game

Published: 11:05, 05 November 2021
Embark Studios' open-world game
Embark Studios' open-world game

Embark Studios have dropped another teaser for their unannounced open-world action game, which is currently deep in development.

In case you are not familiar with Embark, it's a brand new studio formed by industry veterans and former EA and DICE dev Patrick Söderlund. The studio are currently working hard on two games - a PVP shooter and an open-world action game, which they just showcased again via their official Twitter.

It's a small teaser that once again reveals some of the locations, buildings and stunning lightning. It does not look as impressive as the first teaser which you can check out here .

Embark Studios' new game teaser 2

Sadly, Embark did not share additional details about the game. We don't know when they plan to officially reveal their debut title. 

Last year, Embark revealed that they have been working on an unfinished build of the game that has been played by testers for feedback and insights, so it's safe to assume that the reveal could be coming very soon, but this is just speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

Embark Concept art for Embark Studios new game Concept art for Embark Studios new game

One thing is for certain though, Stockholm-based studios are eager to create something special. "Our ambition with this game is to combine new and old genres with groundbreaking technical innovation, into something unique and consequential," they say. 

You can find more about Embark's upcoming projects and the technologies they're using here.

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