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Fleet carriers have arrived to Elite: Dangerous

Published: 23:17, 09 June 2020
Fleet Carrier
Elite: Dangerous - Fleet Carrier
Elite: Dangerous - Fleet Carrier

Fleet carriers are finally on the live servers of Elite: Dangerous across all platform, following extensive testing, economy rebalancing and a lot of anticipation.

Frontier Developments held two beta testing periods for Elite Dangerous' Fleet Carriers. The original one introduced the rough state of the new vessels as they demanded a lot of credits upfront and a lot more for the upkeep. Following the feedback that wasn't quite impressive, Frontier organised another testing period with revised upkeep costs, which received much warmer reception.

Fleet carriers are now available to Commanders on all platforms - PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. They will serve as mobile hubs, owned by players themselves and maybe most importantly - as vessels that will add new possibilities for deep space exploration.

Normally, the players have had to depend on their own ships' fuel supply when going to explore distant worlds but a single fleet carrier can take 16 ships one portion of the way, after which they can continue on their own with tanks filled up, so to speak.

Fleet carriers have a 500-light-year jump range and can provide many essential services as well as amenities for those on board. Furthermore, they will also serve as refuelling stations and will offer repair and rearming services. 

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Utilising amenities will cost some money, which will then be transferred to the carrier's owner so while it's an expensive entire to get into, it also offers the chance of getting the cash back.

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