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Mortal Kombat 12 might get Peacemaker and Homelander

Published: 02:17, 09 May 2023
Updated: 02:18, 09 May 2023
NetherRealm Studios
Mortal Kombat 12 teaser from the 30th anniversary video
Mortal Kombat 12 teaser from the 30th anniversary video

Mortal Kombat 12 no longer qualifies as a rumour but there are still some that are related to the game, like the potential guest appearances.

Mortal Kombat game series is filled to the brim with guest appearances from other franchises and with every entry of the fighting game series, there appears to be a different theme.

MK X saw guest appearances from horror movies, with the likes of Freddie Krueger and even the Xenomorph from Alien while MK 11 had the '80s heroes, villains and anti-heroes, which spawned a bout between RoboCop and Terminator, for the first time.

Now, rumour has it that NetherRealm will fill Mortal Kombat 12 with superhero theme, with an anti-hero and a villain posing as a superhero being the first to leak.

If the rumours and hints turn out to be true, Peacemaker and Homelander are coming to MK12.

The news comes from the industry insider, Jez Corden, who had a bit of fun on Twitter, noting that Peacemaker is going to appear in an " upcoming fighting game ", which basically confirmed him for MK12 as Warner Bros holds the rights to both.

One fan apparently felt disillusioned they wouldn't get to experience something a bit more silly, along the lines of the Homelander from The Boys, but Corden replied with a hint that Vought's biggest star and problem may come to test his might.

Now it remains to be seen if some of the franchise's own classics would reappear, like Mileena, who met a gruesome end in MK X and didn't appear in MK 11.


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