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Elite Dangerous will be free to keep on Epic Games Store

Published: 23:59, 12 November 2020
Picture of some space in Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments' space flight sim, Elite: Dangerous, is going to be Epic Games Store's next freebie which is quite the catch if you are into the genre.

Space flight sims are not exactly in the spotlight of the gaming world so there aren't many around. Even when they do make the headlines, it's usually Star Citizen and people poking fun at it for having no full game despite eight years of development and massive crowdfunding.

However, it is Elite: Dangerous that is the topic today and for all the good reasons. The game will be free to keep on Epic Games Store from November 19 to November 26, 2020. 

Besides the numerous ships and virtually infinite space to explore, both Frontier and community are known to organise events to spice things up for everyone. Some events worthy of mention were the Distant Worlds expeditions which claimed many virtual lives and vessels but also expanded the player base's horizons.

Considering fleet carriers were added to the game not so long ago, one could hazard a guess that players would come up with ways to explore even more space as they practically have mobile hubs at their disposition. 

Anyway, it's all theoretical which also testifies to the boundless fun one could have in Frontier's sim that just keeps getting updated. 

EGS users will also have the opportunity to claim The World Next Door in the same week while The Textorcist is free in the week of writing this article. Plenty of free games are around, we just need to play them.

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