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Conan Exiles fifth anniversary brings a sale and an interesting infographic

Published: 13:39, 09 May 2023
Conan Exiles - Riding a rhino into battle
Conan Exiles - Riding a rhino into battle

Funcom is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their survival game that has gained quite the following over the course of half a decade.

Funcom released Conan Exiles back in 2018 when people were still a bit sceptical due to various overhauls the game had to go through before the full launch.

However, the developers managed to surprise everyone and deliver a competent survival game that only kept growing over the years and now they are celebrating half a decade of success.

The players will get to bask in the celebration as well as they can now acquire a golden pickaxe, colossal cake and skull cake sprays from the Bazaar at no cost.

Those who wish to join in have an opportunity to do so at a discount - Conan Exiles content is 50 per cent off until May 15, 2023, while the latest expansion, Isle of Siptah, is 20 per cent off.

As is customary by now, Funcom released an infographic to show the players' stats in a few interesting areas. For example, despite the dangerous creatures of the in-game world, the deadliest ones a player could face turned out to be other humans.

Other players were the cause for more deaths than the second and third place combined, which belong to crocodiles and hyenas, respectively. The last two spots go to thirst and starvation.

Those who refused to die of hunger most likely resorted to insects when they are in a pinch as Handful of Insects was the most eaten item in the game thus far.


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