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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey trailer is back up, with official info

Published: 16:03, 03 June 2020
Updated: 16:05, 03 June 2020
Frontier Developments
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Commanders got their bit of hype when Frontier Developments accidentally revealed the trailer for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey but now there is a bit of official info and the original trailer is back up.

Frontier Developments erroneously uploaded the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey trailer a few hours too early and subsequently removed it. However, someone managed to record the whole thing and re-upload it . While some may have expected FDev to try and remove all such videos, they instead just waited until the right time and made the original available again.

You can check the trailer out below, but the devs offered a bit more information to go along with the announcement as well. They once again confirmed the "early 2021" release window and revealed a little bit more about space legs.

The players will be able to "touch down on countless new planets powered by stunning new tech, and explore with unrestricted freedom from a first person, feet-on-the-ground perspective". It remains to be seen whether the "stunning new tech" refers to the jump packs and possible other in-game tools that will allow for exploration on foot or actual tools that allowed developers to expand on the game's systems.

On top of that, Frontier revealed that there will "a wide variety of missions" that will pop up with the new ways to play the game. They will range from diplomacy and commerce to lethal stealth and all-out combat.

The devs also seem confident that the "diverse settings, objectives and NPCs" will make for "endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content to enjoy".

Combined the previously mentioned "countless new planets", space legs should indeed provide a massive amount of fun and serve to properly refresh Elite Dangerous for the veterans.

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