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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 9 brings Scorpion SRV and Multi-Limpet Controller

Published: 13:04, 09 December 2021
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Elide Dangerous: Odyssey - Update 9 brings a new vehicle
Elide Dangerous: Odyssey - Update 9 brings a new vehicle

Update 9 is landing in Elite Dangerous today. The latest shipment contains the new vehicle Scorpion SRV for Odyssey players and the Multi-Limpet Controller for everyone. 

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey got its Update 9 today. The latest update introduces a bunch of performance improvements, fixes and new features, like the new Scorpion SRV. Elite Dangerous: Horizons players should also notice the addition of a Multi-Limpet Controller which will allow for more flexibility than the previous Limpet controllers.

Vodel’s latest Scorpion SRV model was constructed to withstand Odyssey’s action and allow players to take the fight to all threats, be they on the ground on in the air. The Surge Repeater’s high-powered laser will take care of the foes coming at you on foot, and the Aculeus Launcher's tracking missiles can take care of the threats from above. The Scorpion is also capable of reaching speeds of over 50mph and comfortably seats a driver and a gunner, with the option for one player to fulfil both roles.

Scorpion SRV Trailer
Update 9 - other features

Update 9 also brings the Multi-Limpet Controller for Odyssey and Horizons players. The Multi-Limpet Controller is a new module version that works in addition to the existing limpet controllers. This will make deploying multiple limpet types easier and possible using a single module slot. The Multi-Limpet was designed to replace the existing dedicated controllers and will be balanced precisely for the purpose.

The Multi-Limpet Controller comes in a range of different types; Xeno, Rescue, Mining, Operations and Universal. 

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players can browse and purchase the Scorpion SRV from military economy ports. The Multi-Limpet Controller is available to all Elite Dangerous players and is part of the catalogue of most ship outfitting services, depending on the controller’s role.

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