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Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four to add two brand new ships

Published: 19:19, 09 November 2018
Frontier Developments
Picture of a Krai ship in a hanger from Elite: Dangerous
Elite: Dangerous - Krait

Frontier Developments have announced that Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four will add two new ships once it launches. The ships for some reason bear snake-like names, since one is called Mamba and the other is dubbed Krait Phantom.

According to Frontier Developments, Mamba is a prototype of a racing ship, meaning it will possess blinding speed. Being a quick vessel will apparently not limit the arsenal though, as the company has announced that Mamba will have "huge firepower" once Chapter Four launches later this year.

Mamba will have one huge and two large hardpoints, testifying to the claims of having great firepower. This will apparently allow the players to deliver devastating attacks and then disappear as quickly as they popped up, before their victim had any time to react.

Krait Phanom will be the second vessel to join the roster in Chapter Four. This one is also a fast ship, described as a light vessel that "features spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints". While also quick, it doesn't share many other similarities with Mamba, since the latter will likely have barely-any-to-none cargo space.

Meanwhile, Krait Phantom's firepower will be lacking compared to Mamba's, but Frontier Developments stated it "can still hold its own against larger targets" on top of being fast in a straight line in order to outpace smaller ships. With that in mind, it seems like Mamba is for those more aggressive players who prefer to hit and run, while Krait Phantom pilots will have to choose their fights more carefully, or simply flee from those where they don't like their odds.

Frontier Developments Picture of a Mamba ship in a hanger from Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous - Mamba

As we mentioned previously, Chapter Four will come later in 2018, but players can already have a taste of the update as they can participate in the Staged Beta. On top of the new ships, Chapter Four content includes new Exploration and Mining mechanics, Squadrons and additional quality of life and visual improvements. 

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